tax deductions

Expense Write-Offs

We can’t stress enough how important it is to understand everything that can be written off and to keep good records for reporting your Airbnb taxes. Here’s a list of potential deductions:

  • co-hosting services we provide

  • advertising for tenants

  • bank charges

  • body corporate fees and charges

  • borrowing expenses

  • capital works

  • cleaning

  • council rates

  • decline in value of depreciating assets

  • gardening and lawn mowing

  • insurance - building, contents and public liability

  • interest expenses

  • land tax

  • legal expenses (excluding acquisition costs and borrowing costs)

  • pest control

  • phone

  • property agent fees and commissions

  • repairs and maintenance

  • stationery and postage

  • travel undertaken to inspect or maintain the property or to collect the rent

  • water charges.


Not all of these may be tax deductible in your situation. Refer to the ATO website for further details about property deductions.

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