The dreaded bed bugs..Yes, hosting community, it’s the dreaded “B” word

I found this article on bed bugs by the hosting journey very useful - How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs: A Complete Guide For Your Airbnb

In summary prevention is better than cure.

  1. It is recommended to purchase sealed, zipped bed bug mattress covers for all beds. The best I have sourced are from the Bed Bug Barrier co they range from $39 - $69 depending on size requirements.

  2. Mop floors with Pine sol solution once per week (especially corners).

  3. Spread a thin dust of Diatomaceous Earth, pesticide grade (not pool grade). Wear a dust mask, as it can be harmful if breathed in or even when it comes in contact with skin or eyes.

  4. Use a pine oil based spray on mattresses.

  5. Bed bug detectors and monitors. You can purchase a 4 pack for $25 or a 12 pack for $54 by Easy Pest Supplies. Or a cheaper alternative is buying a pack of 12 bed bug traps for $19.95 + shipping.

Getting an exterminator in can cost hundreds of dollars per treatment, and ideally a last resort!

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