insurance recommendation

It is the Hosts (owners’) responsibility to ensure they have adequate insurance in place. Should an accident occur resulting in damage to your property, your INNKEEPER is not liable for the cost of the damage. However, we will support you with the process of submitting valid claims to your insurer.


Some examples of valid & invalid claims are listed below:


Valid Claims - Broken windows - Holes in the wall - Significant red wine stains on a couch or the carpet - Large scratches on new floors.

Invalid Claims - Broken appliances due to normal depreciation - Missing cutlery/crockery or items of little worth (anything of value should be locked away) - Minor scratches on old or worn floors - Thermal cracks on windows - Minor scuff marks or small stains on carpets & walls.



Step 1: Your INNKEEPER will manage the claim process with the booking portal from which the guest booked your property in line with their policies and procedures.


Step 2: If you need to make a claim through your insurance insurance provider directly, we will supply any evidence to support your claim directly to you.


We recommend insuring your rental property through ShareCover

​Peace of mind that you're insured when you rent your property on platforms such as Airbnb, Stayz & TripAdvisor. Cover from as little as $5 per night.

Did you know that you may not be able to claim on your existing home and contents insurance policy for damage or liability caused by a paying guest?

​This applies even if you rent your home out for a few nights. If you invite someone into your house and something gets damaged or someone gets hurt, you might not be able to claim on your standard home buildings or contents policy, leaving you to personally fit the bill.

Compare Typical home & contents policy vs. ShareCover when you list property on websites such as Airbnb or Stayz​

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